Neurosurgeon Salary in Pakistan:- near about 8,870,199/Rs  in per year. which is equal to 4,265/Rs per hour. They earn bounce near about 2,133,283/Rs in per year.  The average brain and nerve surgeon (money paid for working) in Pakistan is Rs 8,870,199 or an equal hourly rate of Rs 4,265. Also, they earn an average bonus of Rs 2,133,283. (money paid for working) guesses (of a number) based on (money paid for working) survey data collected directly from employers and unnamed workers in Pakistan. Salary by Experience :- Junior Doctor:- 5,410,891/Rs Senior Doctor:- 14,196,712/ Rs Neurosurgeon Salary in India:- The average pay for […]

Optometry Doctor

Doctor Of Optometry Salaryin Pakistan:- The average doctor of optometry (money paid for working) in Pakistan is Rs 2,040,680 or an equal hourly rate of 981/Rs.  Also, they earn an average bonus of Rs 53,670. Salary by Experience Junior Doctor :- 1,424,171/Rs in a Year Senior Doctor:- 2,647,903/Rs in a Year  Doctor Of Optometry Salaryin India:- Average Salary Rs 292,657 Salary Rs 173,883 – Rs 515,525 Bonus Rs 2,024 – Rs 51,632 Doctor Of Optometry Salaryin USA:- The average salary of a Optometry […]


Physiotherapist salary in Pakistan:- near about 1,238,640/Rs  in per year. which is equal to 596/Rs per hour. They earn bounce near about 21,057/Rs in per year. They earn 30,055/Rs per month. Salary by Experience Junior Doctor :- 890,048/Rs per year Senior Doctor :- 1,559,825/Rs per year Physiotherapist salary in India:- The starting salary rate in India start from 5,000 to 30,000 per month Yearly a […]

Heart Specialist

Heart specialist salary in Pakistan near about 5,118,037/Rs  in per year. which is equal to 2,461/Rs per hour. They earn bounce near about 384,365/Rs in per year. Salary by Experience :- Junior Doctor:- 3,434,247/Rs Senior Doctor:- 7,000,784/Rs Heart Specialist Salary into India near about 1,784,857/Rs  in  a year  which is equal to 1,100 in Hourly rate They earn bounce near about 51,204 […]