Physiotherapist salary in Pakistan:-

near about 1,238,640/Rs  in per year.

which is equal to 596/Rs per hour.

They earn bounce near about 21,057/Rs in per year.

They earn 30,055/Rs per month.

Salary by Experience

Junior Doctor :-

890,048/Rs per year

Senior Doctor :-

1,559,825/Rs per year

Physiotherapist salary in India:-

The starting salary rate in India start from 5,000 to 30,000 per month

Yearly a Physiotherapist Doctor earn near about 289,393/Rs in India.

which is equal to 499/Rs in per Hour.

If they give extra time in their duty then they earn Rs 88.08 – Rs 1,007 in their Over Time

Physiotherapist salary in USA:-

In USA average Physiotherapist earn $68,500 in a Year.

Which is equal to $35.13 per hour and $5,708 per month.

A Junior Doctor can earn $15,899 per year. A Senior Doctor can earn $116,450 per year .

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