Dermatologist Salary in Pakistan:- near about 4,743,649/Rs  in per year. which is equal to 2,282/Rs per hour. Average Bonus the get Annually is 286,677/Rs. Dermatologist Salary in India:- near about 400,000/Rs  in per year. The average (money paid for working) for a Skin doctor is a 43,177 per month in India. (money paid for working) guesses (of a number) are based on 591 (moneys paid for working) submitted(without revealing his/her name) to In fact by Skin doctor workers, users, and collected from past and present job advertisements on In fact in the past 36 months. Dermatologist Salary in USA:- near about 365,450 $

Emergency Medicine Specialists

Emergency Medicine Specialists Salary in Pakistan:- near about 4,359,808 Rs  in per year. which is equal to 2,096/Rs per hour They earn bounce near about 269,000/Rs in per year. The average emergency room doctor (money paid for working) in Pakistan is Rs 4,359,808 or equal hourly rate of Rs 2,096. Also, they earn an average bonus of Rs 269,000. (money paid for working) guesses (of a number) based on (money paid for working) survey data collected directly from employers and unnamed workers in Pakistan. Salary by Experience Entry Level Salary Rs 2,957,023  Senior Level Salary Rs 5,850,939  Rs 5,850,939  entry level emergency room doctor (1-3 years of experience) earns an average (money paid for working) of Rs 2,957,023. On the other end, a senior level emergency room doctor (8+ years experience) earns an average (money paid […]